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Lawn Services

in this section we're able to compare and discuss where you are and where you want to be.

The nature of your service determines the level of equipment needed to complete your task.

Here we will show the difference in Length, Thickness, Weather, Debris and Obstacles.

Lawn services all include cutting grass, & Weed eating. Hedge trimming $4 Psf, yard spray $36-70, Weed sprays $36-70, Lime $4 Psf $, Mole treatment $35-70, Limb removal $150-750, Debris removal $150-750, Junk Removal $150-750 


Square footage

Psf= Per square foot

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Mole Treatment

no moles are going to be hurt in the process. we are not here to exterminate your pests but we do have natural remedies to deter them from entering your yards and gardens. surveying the are and applying as needed.

Rusty Old Truck

junk removal

Junk removal requires

$150 down payment

Trailer access 

Donation permission

Tow truck accessible.

Lawn Services

All add one

To get it you must inquire about it. That being said Every handyman will ask for specifications on what you're requesting. Please be patient and active in pre-planning conversations.

It is highly recommended to know the square footage of your lawn. Lawn service prices are based on equipment type and amount of work needed to complete your tasks. The more space you have the more work we'll do. Exact measurements will be taken before working.

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