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To prep for painting all angles must be scotch taped, Holes must be identified and filled, walls must be bare and cleaned. News paper and a tarp is to be placed in a bare room. If the room isn't completely empty Handymen are not liable for furniture or items getting stained. DO NOT REQUEST A PAINTER DURING OR AFTER HAVING CARPET CLEANED. We do not supply the paint. there is a $75 nonnegotiable down payment for prepping material and time. If drywall must be repaired that cost is separate.

interior painting

painting interior walls costs $1.50 cent per cubic square feet for example a 300 square foot room.

300 x 1.50 = $450

our minimum is 250 square feet

Outdoor Painting

Outdoor painting rate is $2.5 per square foot

customer should take heed of humidity, rain, Temperature, satin and semigloss paint 

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