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Tile Process

Tile services are done in a 3 step process. Demolition, Application and Finishing these all require different steps and processes


Do you have loose, broken or old tile. Shandy Stan Handymen come with a plan to better your home.

Demolition costs $5 per square feet and a 1 time fee of $75 for ware and tare of tools and commute will be applied at the beginning of the task. Our handymen are required to Remove Fixtures in the room, the room should be EMPTY. Create a Starting Point, Remove the tile, clear the debris and inspect the floor.


Our cost for laying tiles is $5.50 per square feet. Once the Tile is applied it is applied requesting to relay tile will come with redundancy fees. all decoration or arrangement preferences need to be discussed before application. a mandatory service fee of $75 will be applied at the beginning of the request.

Finishing Can be scheduled on the same day. The customer must've already selected the type and color grout to apply and have it  on site by the end of installation. finishing fees are $2.5 per square feet and a final commute fee of $25 for small local projects.(fee waived if finishing is same day as installation)

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